Intelligent AI

Feeling lonely/bored? Well worry no more! Black Sheep's intelligent AI system will help you kick away your loneliness/ Bordem! 


Self-Learning AI

Black sheep will learn through the conversations you have with the bot and thus improve it's own social skills!
Plus it supports 50+ Languages

Black sheep doesn't store any of your messages! It only pays attention to messages which starts with prefix and/or the ones sent in the channel of AI



Black sheep is a multifunctional bot/ an all-in-one bot! This makes sure that you are getting all the features you want!

We Value your privacy


Your data will never be shared with anyone through our bot.


Bot is verified by Discord which assures you that it's totally safe


Some of The best features in Black Sheep
Smart AI

Black sheep's AI system will improve itself with every single message!

Image Manipulation

Black Sheep is also a powerful Image Manipulation bot. It can edit images in such a way that it doesn't even look fake!

Fun and meme

Black Sheep has a lot of fun and meme commands that can make you happy even in the saddest times 


Black Sheep offers full customisation from custom prefix to disabling commands in a specific channel


Black Sheep is an amazing bot and it has a lot of different features like fun, meme , image manipulation , welcome/leave messages , moderation and much more. You must try it


Discord Verified Server

I had a great experience with black sheep with all the fun, moderation and music commands. I also met with the creator of the black sheep and he is very generous. I recommend black sheep to all of you.

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